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Castelier Ltd. company was founded from Vodnjan to promote Vodnjan, the revitalization of the old town, selling local products (wine, olive oil, lavender products, chocolate, honey) and launching of tourism development and strengthening of the economy of this area.
Our vision is to create a recognizable brand Vodnjan through the enrichment of the tourist attractions and the extension of pre- and post- season to include the local population, with the purpose of satisfying the needs and desires of current and future visitors.

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CASTELIER d.o.o. za ugostiteljstvo, turizam i putnička agencija
Trgovačka 2, 52215 Vodnjan-Dignano

working  hours office:
Monday - Friday 08:00 do 16:00  
E-mail: info@castelier.hr
Web: www.castelier.hr


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